UNDRGRND’s Massive Techno Sequences features a collection of freaked melodic patterns, atonal arpeggios and modular-style sequences in audio and Massive formats.

This pack allows you to create raw, analogue-inspired techno hooks and melodics spanning all shades of underground techno.

UNDRGRND Massive Techno Sequences

Create extended, evolving and epic techno leads and sequences with maximum ease thanks to our under-the-hood routing that utilises Massive’s internal Stepper, Performer and LFO functionality. That means you can use just one note of your keyboard to create killer melodic hooks like you hear in the demo.

Spanning dark, ominous leads, wonky arpeggios, industrial-edged FM tones, freaky modular-style excursions, distorted textures and more, these expertly crafted presets and dripping with authentic, underground inspiration for all forms of techno. From warehouse and industrial vibes, to the monochrome Berlin palette to deeper, dubbier and atmospheric techno, this one is an essential addition to your techno toolkit.

Each of the presets for Native Instruments’ Massive comes with 8 pre-assigned macro controls, giving you instant sound sculpting options for the key parameters of each preset. Shape sound and record automation with ease for epic, extended techno sequences!

We’ve also included 300 tempo-synced, precision-cut and key-labelled audio loops that you can drop into your DAW. Use the loops as track-starters in their own right or get creative with your own resampling and processing techniques.

Finally we’ve included 30 hard-hitting techno kick drum samples to give you the ideal 4×4 base to your techno stompers!

The soundset is available from Loopmasters £14.95 GBP.

More information: UNDRGRND Sounds / Massive Techno Sequences