MassiveSynth Massive Course

MassiveSynth has announced a 2.5 hour video course covering every function and feature of Native Instruments Massive.

The first and only comprehensive video tutorial program of its kind, the NI Massive Course is an expert’s guide to the Native Instruments Massive Synth.

Whether you are an experienced producer wanting to hone your skills, or just starting out in music production, NI Synth course modules have been designed to advance your working knowledge of the entire synth platform and improve your production skills.

Massive video course features

  • 6 video modules covering every function and feature of Massive.
  • HTML5 version for access via mobile devices.
  • Over 2.5 hour video course.
  • HD version for full screen viewing available.

The Massive course is available to purchase for $37 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth