MassiveSynth Turnup

MassiveSynth has announced TURNUP, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

TURNUP is a collection of 32 ultra-high quality patches designed specifically for Native Instruments Massive Synth. These patches are perfect for producers of TRAP music, but can easily be integrated into any genre of EDM music.

The focus of the TURNUP pack was to successfully capture the current sound of the EDM TRAP movement. So we covered everything from booming 808’s that can be heard on laptop speakers to the ever so popular “Harlem Shake” lazer. All the patches are ready to go from the jump, so you can spend less time tweaking and more time focusing making music. We kept it simple, easy and straight up gangsta….just like what you’d hear in the TRAP.

TURNUP features

  • 32 Massive Patches including 8 Basses, 8 Lazers and Squeaks, 7 Leads, 5 Plucks, 2 Risers, 2 808’s.
  • Bonus pack includes all the drums and chants from the DEMO tracks, plus more.

The soundset costs $19.95 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / TURNUP