Mastrcode Music has introduced a free subharmonic bass booster effect plugin for Windows. Substrate is designed for boosting the low frequency range of bass sounds and instruments.

It uses a special technique to add more harmonics to the low end frequency range of a sound by generating these additional harmonics based on a pre-set fundamental frequency. A boost control will add these harmonics to the low end frequency range of the sound. The higher the boost amount, the more harmonics will be generated and amplified. These harmonics then can be mixed to the original dry sound to give the low end of the sound more “boost”.

The second advantage: if the pre-set fundamental frequency is set exactly to the fundamental of the sound, the generated harmonics will create a “psycho-acoustic” effect that may give your brain the feelings, to perceive the sub-frequency range of a sound on weak playback systems that can’t produce such low frequencies (like weak laptop speakers or mobile devices), even if these low frequencies are not really audible on these systems.

The plugin is available in 32/64-bit VST and VST3 formats for Windows.

More information: Mastrcode Music