NoiseAsh has announced the release of Dark Wolf, a virtual guitar amplifier simulation for Windows.

Dark Wolf combines pedals, amplifier, cabinets with 7 different mic models, room types and rack fx units in a single plugin.

Dark Wolf has extremely large pro tones. It can be used for any kind of rock music style especially; Djent, Metal, Modern Metal, Hardcore Punk, Hard Rock.

Dark Wolf features

  • Custom amplifier with two channels: rhythm and clean.
  • Characteristic valve and fat tone settings for each channel.
  • Three pedal simulations: vintage overdrive, EQ and noise gate pedals.
  • Custom cabinet simulation with 7 different mic types: SM57 (Fredman micing style), U87, MD421, C414, R-121, RE20.
  • Three characteristic room models.
  • Three channel mixer: top speaker mic, bottom speaker mic and room mic.
  • Three mic placements for each top and bottom speaker: cap, cone, edge.
  • Rack fx: parametric EQ, delay, reverb units and limiter on master channel.
  • DSP engine to get “from direct input to final mix ready tone”.
  • Stereo, mono, left or right input channel processing selections.

Dark Wolf for Windows (32-bit VST) is on sale for $29 USD (regular $49 USD). A free LITE edition with some limitations is available for download.

More information: NoiseAsh

NoiseAsh Match Tonix Dark Wolf pedals

NoiseAsh Match Tonix Dark Wolf cab

NoiseAsh Match Tonix Dark Wolf rack fx