Matt Tytel has released version 0.4.1 beta of Helm, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Matt Tytel Helm

Added some features including Audio/MIDI settings under the logo button and retrigger for LFOs.
Also fixed a bunch of bugs so Helm should be more stable.

Changes in Helm v0.4.1

  • Add Audio/MIDI settings page under Helm logo button.
  • Fixed occasional hang when using MIDI learn/automation.
  • JACK support for GNU/Linux.
  • Better MIDI default device connection.
  • Reduced aliasing in sub oscillator a bit.
  • Added DC blocker.
  • Added retrigger to monophonic LFOs and step sequencer.
  • Added playhead sync to monophonic LFOs and step sequencer.
  • Improved portamento slide function.
  • Change white noise LFO to Sample and Hold.
  • Added Sample and Glide to LFO waveforms.
  • Fixed unintentional automation cancelling in some DAWs.
  • Fixed zippering when modulating some parameters.
  • Windows installer now puts shortcut in Start Menu.

Helm is a free download (VST/AU/AAX/LV2/Standalone).

More information: Matt Tytel / Helm