ROLI has announced that a purchase of its Seaboard RISE touch-responsive keyboard comes with a free license of Max 7, for a limited time only.

When you purchase a Seaboard RISE, enjoy a one-year license for the entire Cycling ’74 Max 7 software environment — worth $99.
You’ll also get three Max patches designed specially for the RISE.

The offer is available on all RISEs purchased between September 15th and October 31st. Get your hands on a whole new way — two new ways! — to make music, and start exploring today.

The included Max patches are:

  • Cantor Digitalis, a singing voice program by Christophe d’Alessandro.
  • BEAP, a collection of modules by Matthew Davidson that work like Eurorack modules.
  • Particle, a program that uses RISE as an input for transforming visuals, coming from a camera feed or any video. Originally designed by Cycling’74’s Andrew Benson.

More information: ROLI