Max for Cats has announced the release of Bengal, a semi-modular FM synthesizer system for Ableton Live.

Max for Cats Bengal

Combining the textural intricacy of FM with the freeform approach of a modular system, Bengal is a sound designer’s dream with its four operators, eight voices of polyphony, six audio effects and a flexible modulation architecture centred on an interactive virtual patchbay.

Bengal features

  • 4 Operators: Each Operator can synthesize waveformd by up to 20 partials or by wavetables: either numerous built-in waves or user wavetables via drag’n drop.
  • 6 Algorithms: Each Algorithm reorders the internal sound structure of Carriers and Modulators.
  • 2 Multi-mode Filters: Filter 1: 5 Filter modes plus an optional Comb Filter. Also you can mix the unfiltered with the filtered signal and add Filter Drive to overdrive the filter for soft saturation. Filter 2: filter morph. The filters can be routed in parallel or in series.
  • 2 LFO’s: with tri-saw morph, retrigger, rate modulation and more.
  • 6 Audio Effects: sound design as part of the instrument.
  • Step Sequencer: for note input, modulation data or both.
  • Modifier Effects: Mix, Scale, Clip etc. your signals.
  • Patchpanel: over 50 out- and more than 60 input points.

Bengal is available for purchase for 49 EUR. Requires Live 9 Standard (version 9.5 or higher) and Max for Live.

More information: Max for Cats / Bengal