Tone2 RayBlaster

MaxSynths has released a free collection of waveforms for use with Tone2’s RayBlaster software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

The archive include two folders:

1. ElextraX filters (almost all, only the EQ filters has been excluded). The impulses has been sampled using a Saw waveform in Analog mode with the Amp Simulation on with different cutoff levels (see file names).

2. Waves sampled from hardware synths:

– Some analog waveforms from a DIY prototype
– Arp Avatar
– Some Blofeld waves
– CS1-X
– Gakken SX-150
– Korg Z1
– Roland SH-201
– Siel Mono
– Some custom Virus waves

This archive includes also some filter types from Crisalys

The impulse responses sample pack is a free download at MaxSynths.

Visit MaxSynths for more information.