MaxSynths LFO Filter

MaxSynths has released version 1.1 of UD Reverb and LFO Filter, two effect plug-ins for Windows.

Changes in UD Reverb v1.1

  • An internal bug which increased the overall audio level by several decibels has been fixed.

Changes in LFO Filter v1.1

  • HP filter type added.
  • On/off switch for the LFO.
  • Triangle, saw, ramp and pulse waves added to the LFO.
  • Waveform inversion switch.
  • “quantize” knob to add granulosity to the selected LFO waveform.
  • GUI restyle.

UD Reverb and LFO Filter are available to download as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

More information: MaxSynths