MB PlugIns MBole Filter

MB PlugIns SynceDelay

MB PlugIns has released two new plug-ins: MBole Filter and SynceDelay.

Bole Filter is a multi-effect plugin inspired by Waldorf DPole Filter that features:

  • 4 filter types (each 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct slope)
  • ring modulator with 3 waveforms
  • downsampler
  • stereo delay
  • envelope generator
  • a 3 waveform LFO

SynceDelay features:

  • two individual delay lines, one for each channel
  • delay time is synced to host tempo
  • a high pass filter is placed before the delay and a low pass filter in the feedback line for delay damping
  • input channels can be variably routed to the delay lines
  • outputs can be individually panned

Both plug-ins are available as freeware from MB PlugIns.