MB-PlugIns Stereoizer III

MB-PlugIns has updated MB Stereoizer to version III.

MB Stereoizer is an insert effect to create a stereo signal from a mono input by modulating delay time, frequency and amplitude of the incoming signal. It can also be used as a chorus/flanger or to modify the input beyond recognition if pushed to the extremes.

New features in v3.0

  • left VU meter changed into correlation meter
  • right VU meter changed into PPM ranging from -20 to 0 dB
  • Switch above correlation meter toggles input or output view for both meters
  • Added modulated delay for side signal
  • Added AM for side signal
  • 4x-AM-Freq-Switch affects side AM, too
  • Added level adjust for frequencies below separation frequency

Visit MB-PlugIns for more information and a link to download MB Stereoizer III.