McDSP has updated its LouderLogic audio player with Play Queues.

Looking for the best listening experience for your iTunes Library? Look no further than LouderLogic – the Advanced Audio Player, featuring audio enhancement technology and now includes dynamic Play Queues for interacting with your iTunes library on the fly.

LouderLogic brings the fullness you crave out of every song, using patent pending Audio Level eXtension (ALX) technology by McDSP. With the push of one button, LouderLogic minimizes volume fluctuations between songs while maximizing all the musical details the artist intended you to enjoy. Simply put, you’ll get more from your music!

LouderLogic Play Queues provide an intuitive, dynamic approach to the ultimate custom listening experience. Play Queues let you modify what’s coming up next at any time, without interrupting your current track. With a few quick finger swipes you can add a song to play next, or start one album and add several more to play when the first one is finished. Like the Play Queue you’ve made? Tap “Save” and it will show up next to your iTunes playlists.

LouderLogic also keeps track of what you’ve listened to recently, so it’s easy to keep your favorite songs, albums, artists, and Play Queues close at hand.

Changes in LouderLogic v1.4.1

  • Play Queues – dynamic interactive custom listening features.
  • New tap-and-hold gestures let you add content to your current Play Queue or start a new Play Queue.
  • New double-tap gesture lets you quickly start a new play queue from any song, album, artist, etc..
  • New “Current Play Queue” screen lets you view and edit what’s coming up next.
  • Save your favorite Play Queues to appear alongside your iTunes Playlists.
  • New “History” screen lets you browse your listening history, either by song or by Play Queue.
  • New “Recent Play Queues” screen can be pulled up from the Current Play Queue screen to view your Play Queues side by side. You can remove the ones you don’t want to hear again to keep your favorites close at hand.
  • Swipe to delete play queues [v1.4.1].
  • Customer support email link [v1.4.1].
  • Bug fixes [v1.4.1].

LouderLogic for iOS is available to purchase for $1.99 USD. A free version is also available.

More information: McDSP / LouderLogic