McDSP has announced it is shipping two new plugins for its APB programmable analog processor, an updated APB Driver, an improved APB Status application and additional improvements to all other APB plugins.

The all new MC-3 Multi-band Compressor is the world’s first fully automated analog multi-band compressor, made exclusively for the APB.


Like other APB plugins, all MC-3 parameters are automatable and can be saved as a preset for instant session recall. The matched and calibrated analog channels of the APB-16 and APB-8 hardware make the MC-3 one of the most precise analog multi-band compressors available. The MC-3 supports Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and other AU/VST3 hosts.

The next addition to the APB plugin line up is the L-18 Surround Limiter.

Surround formats from LCR to 7.1.2 are supported. All processing functions are identical to the original L-18 Limiter, with the additions of surround channel link modes, separately enabled LFE processing and an LFE soft curve mode, and expanded VU metering.

McDSP L18 Surround

All L-18 Surround Limiter parameters are automatable and can be saved as a preset for instant session recall. The L-18 Surround Limiter supports only Pro Tools at this time.

The MC-3 and L-18 Surround Limiter are free to all registered APB customers.

New updates have also been released for the APB driver (v1.1.9) and APB Status application (v1.0.23). The new driver provides improved playback reliability for large sessions, and the improvements in the APB Status application include additional user messaging and new operational tips when hovering over APB Status application controls.

Additional updates to all APB plugins include the ability to save the last used UI size selected as a user preference across AAX, AU, and VST3 plugin formats.

The MC-3 Multi-band Compressor, L-18 Surround Limiter, latest APB Driver and Status application, and other APB plugin updates can all be downloaded from McDSP’s website.

More information: McDSP