Meldaproduction has announced the launch of a limited time promotion in celebration of its 16-year anniversary. All plugins are on sale at a discounts of 55% or more.

In the world of computers (where we clearly belong), 16 is a nice round number. Therefore we are celebrating a round anniversary which calls for significant discounts on EVERYTHING. For just two weeks, most of our plugins and bundles, including our most popular ones, are discounted by 55%. You could hardly buy MAutoAlign for a better price than the anniversary €22 or MAutoDynamicEQ for just €45.

Those that are not discounted by 55% get even better prices. You can buy MUltraMaximizer, MRotary, MDistortionMB, MFlangerMB, or MDynamicEq for just €9. Another bunch of plugins (MDynamics, MLimiterX, MPhatik, MTurboCompLE, and MTurboEQ) is available for just €19 per plugin. (See all Megadiscounts).

Bundles and upgrades are also available at a discount during the promotion, which expires June 30th, 2024.

The offer is available at the Meldaproduction store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.