Meldaproduction has announced the launch of a limited time sale on twelve of its drum related audio plugins, offering a 50% discount during the Drummatic Discounts promotion.

Drums are the life of every song, the rhythm, the beating and the pulsing heart of music. As such, they can never be neglected. They have to sound proud (and loud if desired).

You can compose the drum tracks using MDrummer and its over 80GB sample libraries you can record live drummers with all their natural flaws and imperfections that can be fixed using Melda’s tools like MDrumLeveler or MDrumReplacer. Or repair drum miking errors with MAutoStereoFix or MAutoAlign. Compress and equalize.

Anything drum related can be done easily thanks to our Drummatic Discounts.

The offer is available at the Meldaproduction store until May 29th, 2022.