MeldaProduction has released version 3.02 of MDrummer, a virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

New version adds many effects to the MDrummer engine, improves several features and much more.

Changes in MDrummer v3.02

  • Added 6 new effects – MTransient, MChorus, MDistortion, MHarmonizer, MConvolution, MUtility.
  • MDrummer is now VST3 compatible.
  • 12 new MSynthesizer 4NN templates for various drums and percussion.
  • Advanced processing for every signal shape editor.
  • Added ping-pong mode, offset, input/feedback filter for MDelay.
  • Added 3 processing modes for MWaveShaper.
  • Random component selection in drumset designer.
  • Added hand-clap drum type.
  • All envelope points can now be locked.
  • Filled help on equalizer band editor.
  • Added tap feature for tempo.
  • Click protection for frequency modulation in MSynthesizer 4NN.
  • Added single output version.
  • Added input MIDI transpose.
  • Added output MIDI channel by drum channel feature.
  • Added preliminary MIDI out for AU.
  • Fix: Synchronization with songs with changing signature.
  • Fix: Compatibility with Digital performer.
  • Fix: Installer wasn’t working on some Mac OS X and Windows 7 systems.
  • Fix: GUI updating on Mac.
  • Fix: Effect 1 drum type didn’t have any assigned MIDI key.
  • Fix: Help windows occasionally failed to detect size properly.
  • Fix: Envelopes had invalid dB units.
  • Fix: SF2 and NKI import wasn’t working correctly.
  • Fix: Pitch-bend processing range.
  • Fix: Mac OS X implementation ignored spacebar key.
  • Fix: Color window copy & paste.
  • Fix: Import of MIDI files with aftertouch.
  • Fix: Triggering of long breaks for certain rhythms processed through double-tempo feature.
  • Fix: Multiple outputs were crashing on some hosts.

MDrummer Large is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU) for 119 EUR. A free Small version can be downloaded from the MeldaProduction website.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer