MeldaProduction has updated its MDrummer virtual drum and percussion instrument for Windows and Mac to version 4.04.

The new version of MDrummer adds 2 effects, optimizes analysis engine and delays, adds virtual keyboard and much more.

Changes in MDrummer v4.04:

  • Added MStereoGenerator and MStereoScope effects.
  • Sonogram highly optimized in all analyzers and smoothness doesn’t have effect on it anymore.
  • Delay lines optimization.
  • Added virtual keyboard to all edits.
  • Phase of all oscillators can now be adjusted directly by dragging the graph or fine-tune using mouse-wheel.
  • Improved user interface layout of some plugins.
  • MSampler and MMultiSampler delay range extended to 1000ms.
  • Fix: Load drumset presets in loop editors didn’t work.
  • Fix: Sample library analysis and import produced “silence” drum volume making resulting drums silent.
  • Fix: Progress dialogs weren’t showing with correct graphics.
  • Fix: Compatibility issues, mainly with Live.
  • Fix: Windows couldn’t minimize MDrummer from taskbar.
  • Fix: MDrummer could crash on 64-bit platforms in projects exceeding 4GB.
  • Fix: Pitch-bend hasn’t been detected accurately.
  • Fix: File dialogs didn’t update list of files when predefined folders or drives have been selected.

MDrummer Large for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) is available to purchase for 149 EUR. The free MDrummer Small can be downloaded from MeldaProduction at no cost.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer 4