MeldaProduction has updated its line of effect plug-ins to 4.0 beta, which includes the release of two new effects: MMultiBandRhythmizer and MMultiBandDynamicsLarge.

Major update focuses mainly on performance. Improvements has for some plugins exceeded 300%. It also adds “online preset exchange” system, which when enabled makes each plugin share your presets and receive new ones from other users. We are creating a community of musicians!

And there are also 2 new plugins. MMultiBandRhythmizer is an extended version of our MRhythmizer available exclusively for users of MTotalBundle and MCreativeBundle. MMultiBandDynamicsLarge extends our MMultiBandDynamics by adding a sidechain and an additional processor. It is available inside MMultiBandDynamics package as well as in MTotalBundle and MMasteringBundle.

New MeldaProduction effects

  • MMultiBandRhythmizer is a unique time manipulation effect that uses an integrated sequencer to control time, volume and filters. From gating to glitching, repeating to scratching, all with stunning audio quality and up to 6 distinct bands.
  • MMultiBandDynamics is an advanced multiband dynamics processor with clear sound, designed originally for mastering. However due to its high performance and zero latency it is also suitable for any mixing purpose.

More information: MeldaProduction