MeldaProduction has updated its effect plugins to version 5.03, which includes the release of MNotepad, a simple text editor for storing comments, lyrics or just any text.

Changes in v5.03

  • New: MNotepad text editor plugin.
  • It is now possible to override the default editor size in Settings.
  • Added threshold and high-accuracy mode to pitch mode of modulators.
  • Added check for updates feature into each plugin’s settings.
  • Added MNotepad plugin.
  • MMultiBandConvolution GUI has been reorganized for easier workflow, added predelay and interval is now available in milliseconds.
  • Added 2 modulators and default presets to MOscillator.
  • Added deesser active preset for MDynamics.
  • Fix: VST3 was causing crashes under some hosts and specific configurations.
  • Fix: Envelope draw mode didn’t work well with snap to grid enabled.
  • Fix: Popup windows with some keyboard shortcuts could lead to a crash on Mac.
  • Fix: Upsampling latency being reported was invalid.
  • Fix: MAutoEqualizer didn’t store number of bands for autoequalization.
  • Fix: MAutoPitch scales didn’t set correct notes.

MeldaProduction has also announced a 25% discount on bundles.

As a birthday celebration of MeldaProduction’s founder, Vojtech, there will be a -25% discount for all bundles in August 2011. The action is starting right now!

More information: MeldaProduction