MeldaProduction has released updated versions of its free plug-ins and released native 64-bit versions.

Several new features and resolved bugs are available in next update for all our free VST plug-ins. The update is available as installer, executable and via update manager for donors. Separate plug-ins must be reinstalled. Moreover 64-bit versions of them has finally been released.

Changes in the updates

  • Changes to all plug-ins:
    • MIDI controllers.
    • Full randomization.
    • Hierarchical preset management.
    • Graph editors units highlighted for better visibility.
    • Graphics has been optimized.
    • Fix: Popup window minimization.
    • Fix: 64-bit host support.
  • MEqualizer v1.06 changes:
    • Improved automation names.
    • Fix: Graph visual glitches caused by automation.
  • MLimiter v1.05 changes: Added dry/wet parameter.
  • MAutopan v1.05 changes: Added 0dB to 6dB pan law feature.

More information: MeldaProduction