MeldaProduction has released version 2.17 of virtual drum instrument MDrummer, and version 2.0 of all its effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

So finally it is here – we have switched to keyfile licencing, so now you won’t need internet connection anymore and can install our software on all your computers. And our plugins are now the first plugins in the world with real floating resizing and styling.

Changes in MDrummer v2.17 / Effect plug-ins v2.0

  • Stylable & resizable GUI engine.
  • Switched to keyfile licencing.
  • Kernel optimizations.
  • [MDrummer] Fix: Rhythm system wasn’t working properly, when commands were slightly out of first quarter.
  • [MDrummer] Fix: Rewind didn’t cause MDrummer to stop.
  • [Effects] Demo now shows intro window instead of the bottom big bar.
  • [Effects] Fix: Unnamed presets are avoided.
  • [Effects] Added input & output gain to MMultiBandWaveShaper.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer