MeldaProduction has released version 3.01 of MDrummer, a virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

MDrummer is a highly sophisticated percussion workstation which combines features of all of current products on the market into one single instrument.

Changes in MDrummer v3.01

  • MSynthesizer4NN templates – Being extremely versatile MSynthesizer4NN was also a little harder to use. Now it contains more than 20 predefined templates providing simple creation of drums, such as snare and bass drum. Not limiting its features, templates only configure the MSynthesizer4NN parameters, so you can further tweak it. This makes the MSynthesizer4NN the most advanced drum synthesizer in the world.
  • Advanced song structures editor – while MIDI command method is still the most versatile, Song structures are now even more powerful and easy to edit.
  • Full resizing using plugin editor border – our plugins still remain the only ones in the world providing true resizing using window border as you are used to with normal windows. Add the most advanced styling engine and you have the best GUI ever.
  • Added MFlanger effect.
  • Added harmonics and advanced band editors to MEqualizer.
  • Drumset and rhythm undo for basic operations such as loading, merging, changing speed…
  • Added submit drumset and MSynthesizer4NN settings, so that you can easily send your settings to our servers. We can then add your drumset to next releases or even create templates from your synthesizer settings.
  • Kernel and GUI optimized and protected against compatibility problems.
  • Added classic mode and serial mode to MDelay.
  • Improved Windows 64-bit compatibility.
  • Added drag & drop loop as MIDI from the loop selector in Rhythm editor.
  • Optimized equalizer graph rendering.
  • Added double/half speed for beat or loops.
  • All versions can now coexist. Which means you can have MDrummer Small, Demo and Large all 32-bit and 64-bit together on a single system.
  • Graphical improvements, modified style for better visibility.
  • Layers panel is now collapsed by default.
  • Added edit button into the drum designer opening editor for particular drum.
  • Shuffle range extended to 150%.
  • Integrated activation – no licence manager is need anymore, you can activate your MDrummer Large just by drag & dropping your licence file into the plugin.
  • Mute buttons highlighted when pushed.
  • Loop editor shows velocity number you should use in the MIDI command system to trigger selected loop.
  • Improved help system.
  • Zipper noise protection.
  • Fix: Rhythm synchronization problems.
  • Fix: Switching to song structures was causing lags.
  • Fix: MDrummer was sometimes having huge GUI.

MDrummer is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU) for 149 EUR.

MeldaProduction has also announced 50% discount for all effect bundles and 25% for all effects through April 2010.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer