MeldaProduction has updated its MDrummer virtual drum instrument plugin for Windows and Mac.

The new version of MDrummer improves and fixes several problems and adds several new features, such as drum automation.

Changes in MDrummer v4.01

  • Basic drum parameters can now be automated from mixer page. This includes mute, volume, pan, pitch and sends.
  • Added an advanced analyzer to equalizers.
  • File selectors have been highly optimized.
  • Added “save drumset” feature into the Quick setup.
  • MConvolution GUI has been redesigned for easier workflow.
  • Loop generator now adjusts to target signature even if it is higher than source loops.
  • Decreased default sound volume.
  • Optimized preset and settings storage.
  • Rhythm generator now stops audio processing during rhythm generator to avoid overloading CPU.
  • Sample import can now automatically generate snare drum 2 from snare drum 1 and hihat closing can be disabled.
  • LU meters can now show momentary, short-term and integrated loudness.
  • Equalizer band points are now slightly smaller.
  • Automation has been optimized.
  • All drum channels now default to 0.
  • Fix: MDrummer can now access additional volumes on Mac OS X.
  • Fix: Sample import enabled Freeze causing high CPU requirements and deadlocks.
  • Fix: Some changes in mixer on freezed drums weren’t updating.
  • Fix: A Windows message was poping when trying to access an unavailable drive.
  • Fix: Additional volumes couldn’t be accessed on Mac.
  • Fix: Rhythm generator no longer loads target channel from settings as this was confusing.
  • Fix: Clicking on a mixer button and then pressing an arrow key could lead to a crash.
  • Fix: Loop export didn’t work correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Clicking edit icon in the drum pads could lead to a crash.
  • Fix: VST3 was causing crashes under some hosts and specific configurations.
  • Fix: Envelope draw mode didn’t work well with snap to grid enabled.
  • Fix: Popup windows with some keyboard shortcuts could lead to a crash on Mac.
  • Fix: Delete and backspace keys have been swapped on Mac.
  • Fix: Loudness meters text value was showing “silence” with values under 0 LU.
  • Fix: Dragging equalizer Q didn’t work very well on Mac.
  • Fix: MCompressor didn’t display gain reduction and peak levels between multiple channels.

MDrummer Large for Windows (VST/Standalone) is available to purchase for 149 EUR. MDrummer Small can be downloaded at no cost.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer 4