MeldaProduction has released a beta of MTotalBundle 3.0, a collection of effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Major update for all effects has just been released. It contains several new features and most of all heavy kernel upgrades and optimizations. All effects now also support VST3. Despite the update seems stable, we strongly encourage customers to check the upgrade and report potential problems, so we can provide alpha version as soon as possible.

Changes in MTotalBundle v3.0

  • Kernel heavily upgraded and optimized.
  • Smart-learn feature for all modulators & multiparameters – just enable it and move anything in the plugin and the modulator/multiparameter will learn what parameters you used including intervals.
  • Linear-phase/hybrid crossover quality improved and performance increased by 500%.
  • Added linear-phase/hybrid crossovers for MStereoProcessor.
  • MMultiBandHarmonizer harmony can now be controlled using MIDI, reset phases moved to title.
  • A-H presets can be switched via program change MIDI message.
  • Added modulator copy & paste.
  • Modulator/multiparameter shapes enabled only if necessary.
  • Smart interpolation for vibrato & flanger minimizing artifacts when modulating depth.
  • Added interval parameter mode for modulators & multiparameters.
  • Last randomization can be undone by holding shift and pressing Random button.
  • Optional confirmations on destructive actions.
  • Advanced oscillator shape processing graphs enabled only when turned on.
  • Phase is now represented in degrees and percents.
  • Phase synchronization now adjusts speed/frequency as well.
  • MAutoEqualizer bypassed temporarily when computing new settings.
  • Reverb equalizer bands are now colored.
  • Fix: Single band case hasn’t compensated for latency correctly.
  • Fix: MIDI & general settings save/load.
  • Fix: Disabling modulator resets original parameter values incorrectly.
  • Fix: Preset selector couldn’t expand/collapse folders.
  • Fix: Hybrid crossover switch didn’t update until band limits has been changed.
  • Fix: Oscillators caused jittery images when modulating shape.
  • Fix: MAutoEqualizer reset didn’t reset all parameters.
  • Fix: MDynamics caused troubles when processing mono tracks.

MTotalBundle (currently 44 plug-ins) is available to purchase for 599 EUR.

More information: MeldaProduction / MTotalBundle