Meldaproduction has announced an update to its catalog of audio effect and instrument plugins.

V16 includes improvements to the MSoundFactory virtual instrument, which can now process the sound more seamlessly and work more efficiently with large sample libraries. The MTurboAmp plugin gained new guitar amps (Phobos, Overstage ST-12, Junko, Mithras) and even two bass amps (Hard Key, Thunder) and new cabs were added to MCabinet; Shimmer and Thunder (bass).

You can’t stop technological progress. As the world of computers evolves, we evolve too. As a result of the hard work, observing and testing in our studios, we are bringing a new version of all our plugins that reflects the current (and future) state of technologies and DAW applications, and it will help you squeeze the most of your computers.

The V16 installer of Meldaproduction plugins is now available. Note that the update no longer supports 32-bit plugins on Windows.

The MFreeFXBundle free plugin suite containing 37 effects was updated as well, and the MCompleteBundle is discounted by 50% until the end of September in celebration of the V16 release.

More information: Meldaproduction