Mellowmuse has released version 2.0 of guitar/fx sim Mellowhead and IR1A, a general purpose convolution plug-in for PC and Mac.

Mellowmuse Mellowhead

The other Mellowmuse plug-ins have been updated to version 1.4, introducing a number of improvements and fixes.

Updated Mellowmuse plug-ins

  • Mellowhead v2.0
    • External IR Browser.
    • Improved zero latency cab convolution (4096 samples).
    • VUs and updated amp models.
  • IR1A Convolver v2.0
    • Zero latency convolution.
    • Start time offset and phase invert added.
  • ATA – Auto Time Adjuster v1.4
    • Added global bypass.
    • Fixed locking with AUX1 or higher.
    • Minor optimisations.
    • Fixed AV warnings PC.
  • CP1A Compressor / EQ1A Equaliser v1.4
    • Fixed higher than usual cpu usage in ProTools with several instances.

More information: Mellowmuse