Samplephonics has announced the release of Melodic House & Techno, a beautifully produced collection of House & Techno samples featuring synths, keys, drums and melodic Techno loops.

Samplephonics Melodic House & Techno

Melodic House and Techno fuses the beautiful with the tough, the elegant with the chiseled and the silky with the rough. Blurring the lines between processed and organic, this truly evocative sample collection throws the genres of Techno and House completely on their head, allowing the true beauty of musical progression to shine through when everyone else is reaching for nasty, sinister tones.

Like an evolving butterfly, only with deeper inspection can the true beauty be explored and revealed. Synth loops organically grow and gentle massage the warm, dusty sub bass frequencies. Tough, classic house drums perfectly accompany the thought provoking piano progressions, ethereal kalimba lines dance and prance supporting the pack’s main event, it’s delicious analogue bedrock of deep house chords, pads and stabs.

Cinematic DnB features a collection of 245 loops and 181 one shot sounds.

Samplephonics Cinematic DnB

All the depth, emotion and beauty of a Hans Zimmer Score thrown against frantic, twisted and high tempo Drum & Bass. Cinematic DnB offers a new angle on bass music, adding some bold dynamics and delicate textures.

Mainly built around 170bpm, this cinematic Drum & Bass sample library features brutal modulated bass lines; soaring guitars, lush soundscapes and pads; break neck drum breaks and organic and glitch percussion.

The sample packs are available for purchase for £34.70 GBP each.

More information: Samplephonics