ToneGym has announced a new training game where musicians can practice and improve their melody analyzing skills, and learn to break down and transcribe melodies easily.

The new section includes the melody trainer, a melody game, and a weekly melody transcription contest.

Members can practice their melodic understanding with single notes, intervals, and chords, in any of the diatonic modes and four difficulty levels.

Melody Playground features

  • Practice with single notes, intervals, and chords.
  • Train with any of the diatonic modes.
  • Difficulty modes: Effortless / Easy / Medium / Hard.
  • Weekly melody contest.
  • Performance tracking and in-depth stats.

Melody Playground is part of the ToneGym ear-training platform for musicians. Basic membership is free, while Pro membership unlocks the full training program, including 12 ear-training games, personalized musical workouts, focused training, stats, performance tracking, and much more.

More information: ToneGym