Mercuriall Audio has announced the release of the previously introduced SS-11X, an effect plugin based on the AMT SS-11 tube preamp (versions A and B).

Wonderful Fender-style clean sound and powerful, roaring crunch and lead channels won’t leave you indifferent!

The project is officially approved and supported by AMT Electronics, who supplied us with electric circuits, hardware prototypes and production 3D models.

This gave us a possibility to model the SS-11X in extreme detail, making it virtually impossible to distinguish the sound difference between hardware or software.

SS-11X features

  • Preamp section:
    • Full, official modeling of AMT SS-11A and SS-11B tube preamps.
    • Tubes: 12AX7, 6N2P-EV.
  • Pedals and FX section:
    • Noise Gate.
    • Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-808.
    • Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-808 Lower Drive Mod.
    • Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-7 Hot.
    • Overdrive based on Ibanez TS-7 Mod.
    • Overdrive based MESA/BOOGIE Grid Slammer.
    • Overdrive based on Boss Super Overdrive.
  • IR section:
    • Built-in cabinet IRs.
    • IR loader for guitar cabinets.
    • Built in reverb IRs.
    • IR loader for reverb.
  • Cabinet IRs provided by (in alphabetical order):
    • George Constantine Kratsas – (Mercuriall Audio artist).
    • Morton Studio (Mercuriall Audio endorser).
    • NC-REC.
    • NRQ’s Studio.
    • OwnHammer.
    • Sound Way Records.
    • TA Production.
  • Additional settings:
    • Quality (oversampling): no, x2, x4, x8.
    • Sample rate: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96.
    • Stereo/Mono processing.

The SS-11X is available for 64-bit Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

The plugin is on sale for the intro price of $35.99 USD for the next two days (regular $39.99 USD). Existing Mercuriall customers can purchase SS-11X at a discounted price of $29.99 USD.

More information: Mercuriall Audio

Mercuriall Audio SS-11X TUBE