Mercuriall Audio has announced an update to its SS-11X amplifier sim audio plugin for Windows and Mac.

The update includes a high quality tuner.

Mercuriall SS 11X v1.1 tuner

SS-11X is a VST/AU/AAX plugin that officially models AMT SS-11A and SS-11B tube preamps, using our next-gen Neural Hybrid Engine technology. The plugin includes noise gate, several overdrive pedals, built-in cabinet and reverb IRs, double-IR loader and IR blending option.

Changes in SS-11X v1.1

  • High quality tuner with a big screen.
  • Standalone version of SS-11X – no DAW required.
  • Input/output level and clipping indication.
  • Presets from Ola Englund (not available in VST3 and AAX formats).
  • Cabinet IRs from Leon Todd.
  • Visual improvements.

In celebration of the update, the SS-11X plugin is available at 17% off until February 12th (regular $39.99 USD). All other products are 33% off during the promotion.

More information: Mercuriall Audio

Mercuriall SS 11X 1.1 front