Merging Technologies has released a MassCore™ and Native version of Pyramix Virtual Studio V6.0, a digital audio workstation for Windows PC.

A new era now begins for Pyramix™ V6.0 with our latest technological breakthrough called MassCore™. MassCore™ is a new and incredibly powerful real-time engine for Pyramix and offers an increased level of processing and channel count so great that Pyramix now becomes, quite simply, the most powerful digital audio workstation in the world today.

Pyramix V6.0 MassCore™ key features

  • Real-time (instantaneous) Editing Model.
  • Unlimited User Defined Fade/Xfade Curves and Parameters.
  • 16 to 384 Simultaneous I/O Channel System Configurations.
  • Software Unlimited Editing (Virtual) Tracks.
  • Comprehensive Dynamic and Snapshot Automation.
  • Sample Rates of 44.1kHz to 384kHz plus DXD and DSD (1-bit 2.8MHz).
  • Audio Format Support Includes WAV, BWF, OMF, AAF, PMF, RIFF64, AIF, SD2, MP3. DSDIFF, MXF (optional).
  • Supported Interchange Formats: OMF, AAF, XML, Final Cut XML, CMX-EDL, AES31, OpenTL, DAR, Protools 5.x.
  • Digital I/O – Mix and Match AES-EBU, TDIF, SDIF, MADI, ADAT/SPDIF daughter cards.
  • Advanced Media Manager with Full Search and Retrieval Functionality.
  • Full Support of multi-channel VST Plug-ins on inputs as well as inserts on Auxes and Busses.
  • Monitoring Talkback and External sources selection.
  • Networking and Network Streaming Capabilities as Standard.
  • Optional Sphynx 2 – 8 channel AD-DA Extreme Definition Converter.
  • PyramixTM is compatible with almost all other 3rd-party converters including ApogeeTM, LynxTM, PrismSoundTM, FocusriteTM and more simply by specifying PyramixTM with any combination of Mykerinos daughter cards as ADAT, AES-EBU, MADI, SDIF or TDIF.
  • Live-in to Live-out standard latency of 5.3 ms and as low as 1.33 ms in Ultra-low latency mode.

Pyramix Virtual Studio is also available in a Native version (software only).

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