Modbap Modular has announced the upcoming availability of the sixth module in its expanding Eurorack range. The Meridian dual multi-mode filter array offers users a choice of 4 selectable filter types per side and 4 selectable filter modes per side.

The module also comes with drive circuit and phase shafter effects, alongside a lowpass gate-style ping ability, allowing users to create a range of unique sound textures and sonic landscapes.

Meridian represents the idea of a meeting point or a convergence of different elements. Filters are often used to blend, shape, and refine different sounds into a cohesive whole. Meridian is often represented through the idea of a barrier or a line that separates parts. This concept mirrors the way the filter delineates different frequencies and aural elements, generating a defined contrast that shapes the overall sound.

In context, the name Meridian conveys a sense of balance, harmony, and unity, while also suggesting a clear and definitive separation between different sonic elements. Similarly, Modbap Meridian allows the use of two selectable, mixed or matched, filter types and two selectable, mixed or matched, filter modes to reshape and refine the source material into new cohesive textures.

Meridian features

  • Dual multimode filter array.
  • Independently configurable filters.
  • Macro Prime/Freq control.
  • Independent cutoff, resonance, type, and mode settings per filter.
  • Filter types include: Ladder, OTA, Comb, Vocal Formant.
  • Filter modes: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch.
  • Ping input.
  • Phase shifter and drive sections.

Shipping on May 12th, 2023, Meridian is available to pre-order at an MSRP of $449.99 USD from the Modbap Modular store and at distributors such as Perfect Circuit.