Flo Audio has launched Mesa​/​Boogie Studio Pre Reverb & Eq, a new pack of impulse responses.

Flo Audio Mesa Boogie Preamp

Summer is here, it’s been a few weeks since the last time! I hope you guys have been doing ok! Let’s take a break from the Eventide Space stuff, i will release the rest of it later, but i really didn’t feel like releasing that after such a long time without any new set, i wanted something really cool!

The Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp is such a classy sounding piece of gear. It’s a guitar tube preamp made in the late 80s, it has two channels (clean and lead), a tube reverb and a switchable 5 band EQ.

Mesa​/​Boogie Studio Pre Reverb & Eq features

  • 25 impulses from the Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp.
  • Reverb only: stand by off, on, clean channel, lead channel.
  • Reverb + 10 EQ settings.
  • Eq only: low pass, hi pass, hi shelf, low shelf, V …

The IR pack is available as donationware (name your price).

More information: Flo Audio / Mesa​/​Boogie Studio Pre Reverb & Eq