MethodRed REXPlayer

MethodRed has released version 1.6 of REXPlayer, a Rex file and slice sample player for the Mac.

REXPlayer provides all the tempo flexibility you expect with Rex files in a fast, modern app that let’s you play any Rex file and play the individual slices.

“This latest REXPlayer update is great for laptop users”, says MethodRed founder Doug Hanson, “Our new SliceKeys feature lets you quickly audition individual REX slices directly from your computer keyboard, without needing a MIDI controller available and connected”, according to MethodRed founder Doug Hanson. “Of course, playing the slices via MIDI still works great, as well”.

REXPlayer features

  • A fast, efficient way to play any Rex file.
  • Play the file’s slices via MIDI or your computer keyboard.
  • Flexible tempo: change it in realtime or lock it so all files play at your desired tempo.
  • Simple drag and drop operation with multiple files and folders.
  • Drag export to your DAW of choice.

REXPlayer for Mac is available for purchase for 4.99 EUR.

More information: MethodRed / REXPlayer