MFB Schlagzwerg

MFB has announced it is now shipping Schlagzwerg, a semi-modular drum-machine.

SCHLAGZWERG combines the power of analogue drum and percussion sounds with modular versatility in a convenient and compact desktop unit. SCHLAGZWERG fusions CV-controllable percussion modules and a six-track CV/Gate-sequencer into a unique drum-machine for live and studio applications.

Thanks to its semi-modular concept, SCHLAGZWERG is ready to go without any need for patch-connections. Its internal pre-wiring comprises trigger-assignments for the gate-tracks of five (of six) drum-sounds as well as hihat decay-control. The additional CV-tracks can freely be patched to any of the modules’ functions. Naturally, the available CV-inputs can also be addressed by external control sources like LFOs, envelope generators or a Theremin-controller.

Schlagzwerg features

  • True analogue sound sources.
  • Kick, snare and tom (DRUM-04/-05/-06).
  • Cymbal and hihat (DRUM-07).
  • Step-sequencer with 16 steps and 16 A/B-patterns.
  • 6 gate- and 6 CV-tracks.
  • Separate CV/Gate-tracks, e.g. for use with Kraftzwerg.
  • Integrated MIDI/CV-interface.
  • Integrated stereo-mixer with panning.

Schlagzwerg is available for purchase for 680 EUR (+10 EUR shipping).

Visit MFB for more information.