Martin of MGF Audio has announced the launch of his website, which offers various multi-sampled synth samples, Max patches and Max 4 Live devices, Reaktor instruments, and more.

Over the years, MGF has recorded thousands of sounds from vintage synthesisers and keyboards and collected them into sample packs, along with field recordings and other experiments. MGF also makes Max patches and Max 4 Live devices, as well as Reaktor instruments and effects and patches for various synthesisers.

The multi-sampled synth packs feature sounds from the Roland Alpha Juno, JV-1080 and JX3P, Yamaha DX11, DX21, SY77, and MO6, Korg Minilogue, and the Future Retro XS.

Some of these synths are also featured in the sample packs, alongside chords from the Korg Wavestation recorded to cassette tape, percussive hits made on Yamaha’s TX81Z and SY77 FM synths, some chords and hits from a Casio Casiotone 501, and more.

Furthermore, MGF Audio also offers a bundle of 5 audio effects in Max for Live format, a MGF Spacejump tool designed to sort through large media libraries and folders of samples, and the Crisscross flexible semi-modular synthesizer for Reaktor 5. All of these are free to download.

Some of the multi-samples and sample packs are available at no cost, while the commercial ones are priced at just a few dollars (AUD). For a limited time you can save 50% off.

On top of that you can user coupon code REKKERD at checkout to receive another 50% off your order during the sale, so check it out!

More information: MGF Audio