MHC Ambient Drums

MHC has released Ambient Drums, a drum plug-in with synth functions.

The plugin comes bundled with a drum search application, which makes it possible for you to search and replace the samples in the plugin’s drum kits. We believe that this might be one of the most comprehensive, exciting and useful ambient drum plugins ever created.

Ambient Drums features

  • A drum plug-in with synth functions, such as filters, envelopes, effects etc.
  • 120 kits, 2000+ samples and 2000+ presets (if you buy all soundpacks).
  • Ordinary .wav files (a great ambient collection) which you may use in your sampler.
  • A drum search application.

Ambient Drums is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) and costs $199 USD.

Visit MHC for more information and audio demos.