MIA Laboratories has released the 358 Enhancer plugin, a single-stage, ‘straight-path’ processor that allows control of the bass/treble frequency balance of a stereo mix or mono channel.

MIA Labs 358 Enhancer

The plugin lets you improve your perceived sound-stage and definition of each source or instrument, without altering significantly the frequency or dynamic content of the processed audio.

It can be used in many applications requiring from slight to more drastic frequency balance correction, but unlike a conventional EQ or filter, the 358 uses internal multi-band phase processing.

This results in a more dynamic, realistic frequency content which is adjustable with two main controls for constructive (boost) process, folding at the classic 150Hz (LF) and 2.4KHz (HF) frequencies.

The internal process includes a detection stage based on the analog envelope detector circuit, first introduced in MIA’s 925 Compressor.

In addition, the ‘Phase-Compensation’ mode (PHASE COMP. button) applies a fixed process to the whole bandwidth of the program material, for stereo image enhancement on two-channel mix or mix-buss applications. This ‘phase-deviation’ process has been developed carefully as a one-way stereo signal conditioning and enhancement, especially for sounds which are ‘panned’, or containing instrument-position information.

358 Enhancer features

  • Internal multiband phase processing for more dynamic, realistic frequency content.
  • Detection stage based on the analog envelope detector circuit.
  • ‘Phase-Compensation’ mode for stereo image enhancement.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, priced 99 USD/EUR.

More information: MIA Laboratories