MIA Laboratories has released a free audio effect plugin that combines a second order Butterworth Low-Pass and High-Pass filter.

Border offers a smooth response and analog character.

MIA Laboratories Border

Border is a second order Butterworth Low-Pass, High-Pass filter combination for general use, characterised by smooth response and an analogue character.

Remove unwanted frequencies from your signals, with the smooth filtering that Border provides!

Also available at MIA Laboratories is the Pi & Phi (π & φ), a “Phase and Time EQ” that offers a theory based on the logarithmic perception of space-time fused in a plugin, as well as the Musiqual GREEN, RED and BLUE series of equalizer plugins.

Border is available in AAX (64-bit), AU and VST plugin formats for Windows and Mac. The commercial plugins and bundles are currently on sale at up to 72% off.

More information: MIA Laboratories