MIA Laboratories has announced the release of Super Fat, Super Thin and Super Muscle, three One-Knob style audio effect plugins.

MIA Laboratories Super Thin

The series results from a combination of MIA Lab’s Musiqual Red, Musiqual Blue, Musiqual Green plugins and some additional Pi & Phi magic.

One knob away from your desired outcome! Add to taste – You can’t go wrong! Great for mixing, mastering and live PA use. Their names represent what they do to your sound.

  • SUPER FAT maximizes low frequencies in a friendly way to the new generation of sound systems. Adds the desired extra Grease in your sound with the turn of just one knob. Recommended for club mixes and genres such as Techno, Dub, Reggae and RnB.
  • SUPER THIN, the most delicate member of the series, adds brilliance without harshness. Recommended for dull sounds, will make them louder on smaller systems such as laptops, phones etc. Lifts up that track and gives it some ethereal essence.
  • SUPER MUSCLE increases perceived loudness and presence without compression. Recommended for low loudness files such as mp3s. Want it loud and proud? This is one of your best weapons.

The plugins are included in the Super Bundle, which is on sale for $39 USD through January 5th, 2020 (regular $99 USD). Each plugin is also available separately for $19 USD each (regular $49 USD). Supports VST, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.

Other MIA Laboratories plugins are on sale at up to 60% off during the promotion.

More information: MIA Laboratories