Michael Benjamin Voigt dmu prelight

Michael Benjamin Voigt has released version 0.9 of dmu prelight, a modded version of the stereo effect in dmu sine.

its useful to space up stereo signals, for spreading mono signals, and putting before a reverb to give it more space to work with.

dmu prelight features

  • Creates stereo information for mono sources and widens stereo signals.
  • Processes some stereo relevant frequencies, leaves bass range and upper highs mostly unprocessed.
  • Prefilters incoming signal (a fixed 12db lowpass, 6db highpass and midbandcut with variable gain).
  • 4 modulated delays and a single sideband delay with feedback.

dmu prelight v0.9 is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Download it here.