Michael Cavallo (MC/MCnoone) has released Zebra Vision, a collection of presets for Zebra 2.

Michael Cavallo Zebra Vision

Zebra Vision features

  • 182 presets, 81 XY or Arp remixed presets.
  • 250 unique wave tables with OSC settings and 244 waves without OSC settings.
  • All presets make use of the Modulation Wheel. This includes, but is not limited to, changing tune, or tone. Changing release times, and adding vibrato.
  • All presets have all 4 XY controllers assigned to many different modulation sources.
  • 75% of presets contain premade arpeggiator settings. So you can just turn on arpeggiator mode to hear them. The arp mods are mostly controlled by knobs in the mod matrix, and other locations.
  • 50% make use of AfterTouch settings.
  • 25% have added modules in the module table, that can be turned on for changing the sound.
  • All presets include all information about the preset under the “info” button or the XY Control page.
  • All presets have many effects in Global/FX, which are turned off by default. You can turn them on.
  • A pdf file is included for more information.

Zebra Vision is available as freeware. Donations are appreciated.

Download it from KVR Audio or here.

More information: Michael Cavallo / u-he Zebra