Michael Picher has announced the release of The Basilica Pianos, a virtual piano instrument for Plogue’s sforzando.

Michael Picher The Basilica Pianos

“The Basilica Pianos” is an affordable sample library that features both a grand piano and an upright piano, both recorded in the same space, using a similar stereo microphone setup.

Also included are various effects, from strumming and plucking the strings of the grand piano, to a playable range of palm-muted samples from the upright piano. Each piano is available by itself, minus effects.

The Basilica Pianos features

  • 7ft semi-concert grand piano and an upright studio piano, both recorded in a large church, with the same 2 large diaphragm studio condenser microphones.
  • Up to 5 phase-aligned dynamic layers.
  • Unique sample set for when the sustain pedal is both on and off.
  • Sampled multi-dynamic note releases.
  • Mechanical noises (pedal and keys).
  • Additional effects patch for each piano: Pluck, scrape, and strum effects (grand piano), playable palm mute effect and percussive impact effects (upright piano).
  • SFZ Format, 48 kHz/24-bit, WAV, Stereo.
  • 7.08 GB on Disk (Full Bundle).

The Grand and Upright pianos are also available separately for $45 USD each. A bundle of both + effects versions is $95 USD.

More information: Michael Picher