Miclop has announced Crtl x, a complete production system.

Ctrl x comprises a virtual synthesizer instrument with a dedicated controller, an intuitive and powerful MIDI controller and step sequencer with extensive functions.

Miclop Ctrl x synth

The synthesizer comes with the following features.

  • Polyphonic synthesizer based on samples using soundfont.
  • Different types of synthesis – FM, RM, waveshaper and phase distortion.
  • Motor unison system regardless of the tone.
  • Different types of filters.
  • 2 modulation sequencers with a lot of curves.
  • 2 powerful arpeggiators with independent control for the most common destinations, tone, filters, velocity etc.

Ctrl x aims to be the perfect MIDI controller for all types of synthesizers and plugins.

Miclop Ctrl x controller

The controller offers a streamlined workflow and a large multi-touch screen that allows you to see mapped values and get access to any the parameters in just 2 clicks.

It handles all the most advanced control functions, such as nrpn messages, relative encoders and 14-bit messages for precise control. All personalized and organized through the template creation software.

The integrated step sequencer can be used with both hardware and software.

Miclop Ctrl x sequencer

Its multi-touch screen makes it intuitive and fast to work with, with the encoders offering precision for certain more sensitive aspects.
The step sequencer features:

  • Note selection.
  • Step by step speed control with either individual or joint setting.
  • Solo and mute by note.
  • Patterns copy-pastes.
  • 16 to 32 Copies.
  • Edit tempo, range and transpose control.
  • 21 editable patterns.
  • Clock sync.

Ctrl x will launch a Kickstarter project soon, where backers will not only be able to get the hardware, but also the software synthesizer.