Microsoft releases Songsmith


Microsoft has released Songsmith, a software which lets you create your own songs using just your voice.

Songsmith helps you create songs using just your voice, by choosing musical accompaniments to match whatever you sing. Whether you’re a musical novice looking to send a jingle to a friend or an aspiring songwriter looking to give it a first try, Songsmith lets you start making music.

I know some people who read this blog think that using loops (or computers for that matter) to create music is epic fail. While I disagree on that particular matter, when does making music stop being, well, making music? Songsmith looks like a proper toy to me, but perhaps it’s perfect for all those candidates that didn’t make it through the auditions of the Idols TV shows ^_^

Scobleizer has posted an interview and demo with two researchers from Microsoft.

Link via CDM

VST Buzz

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That looks pretty craptastic

Isn’t the guy using a macbook pro? In a Microsoft Ad? Maybe it’s a Vaio.


“when does making music stop being, well, making music?”

When you don’t play an instrument and rely on auto-magical ways to create it, for example like WHEN YOU USE LOOPS!!!

How dare you look down on others for the exact same thing you do yourself, you hypocrite.


“Auto-magical” can’t be an end-all criterion.

Look at algorithmically generated music, like the earlier Eno Koan experiments (and more recently, spore). Is it any less musical because a human made the program that allowed them to automate various parameters?

And by the way, automation isn’t cheating. It frees up human cycles so we can get on to frontiers which haven’t been sequenced yet. Korg Karma is a fantastic example of this.

What I care about in the end: do I like it? If so, then it’s music. Otherwise, some might call it… NOISE. :D

Jason A. McCall (as Amused by "Kevin")
Jason A. McCall (as Amused by "Kevin")

Hmm, Microsoft might have been better off making a Commercialsmith to make their commercial for them, because this one is absolutely terrible. Or maybe a computer did make their commercial for them, and that’s why it’s terrible… As for the Songsmith itself, it doesn’t look like MS is marketing it toward anyone with even a little knowledge of modern music production anyhow–but maybe it’ll help a few people discover something in themselves and make them want to move into things bigger and better and more creatively demanding. Or maybe it’d be fun at parties as an alternative to old-fashioned karaoke?… Read more »


It’s not what you use to make music, it’s the music you make with it. That said, I don’t get the impression Songsmith is geared towards creative types, but there is always the slim chance its limitations will inspire someone to move on to more complex music software.