Midierror has announced availability of the a brand new bit-crusher pedal inspired by the tonal qualities of vintage samplers, MPCs and the love of lo-fi sounds.

8BitM8 comes hand made in a rugged metal enclosure packed with high quality components which include a genuine arcade button.

Midierror 8BitM8

Hardware bit crushers are hard to come by and are often simply ‘sample rate reducers’ without any effect on the number of bits. The 8BitM8 is a fully digital bit crusher with settings for 4, 6 and 8-Bit – meaning the sounds of early samplers, lofi keyboards and digital effect units at your fingertips.

The 8BitM8 processes sounds using an 8-Bit AVR Microcontroller, sampling the input signal from the pre-amplifier at high speed, going to the DAC at an adjustable interval set by the RATE knob. Prepare for a heady audio spectrum spanning subtle glitchy overtones to supercharged distortion, with a WET/DRY MIX knob to set how much of the signal is processed.

A simple LOW PASS FILTER is available for the wet signal to swoop from sparkly brightness to low end warbles. The LEDs reflect the outputted audio rate, and provide a snazzy representation of the processed audio, be it smooth and musical or edgy and raw!

The pedal has true bypass, controlled and engaged by a relay which is triggered by the arcade button; a genuine arcade cabinet component built to withstand extreme button bashing. It functions as a momentary switch or as toggle by simply pushing the button during power on or not. This gives you the chance to create quick staccato chops or engage the crusher for a more sustained period.

The 8BitM8 is available in a hard-wearing metal enclosure spray painted and varnished to order with a myriad of arcade button colours to choose from. It is priced $185 USD ex. shipping.

More information: Midierror