MethodRed MIDIPlayer X v2.0 screenshot

MethodRed has released version 2.1 of MIDIPlayer X, a MIDI file player for Mac.

MIDIPlayer X is a fast, easy way to play MIDI files on your Mac. It works with virtually all commercial MIDI hardware and software, and will play any MIDI file to your choice of available MIDI outputs, either hardware or software, or to its own built-in GM-compatible virtual synth.

“MIDIPlayer X plays MIDI files without the need to open a large, complicated DAW”, says MethodRed founder Doug Hanson. “Its a simple, yet powerful, app that thousands of musicians choose for their MIDI needs”.

Changes in MIDIPlayer X v2.1

  • New counter mode for minutes : seconds, in addition to the standard bars : beats.
  • New shortcut for convenient access to Audio MIDI Setup utility.
  • Fixed a bug that caused muted tracks to not show as muted when reloaded.
  • Updated key commands.

MIDIPlayer X for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later is available for purchase for $1.99 USD. The update is free for current owners.

More information: MethodRed / MIDIPlayer X