SoundFont and GoldMidiSF2 have recently released an update to MidiSoundSynth, a MIDI player software for Windows.

MidiSoundSynth has a very simple user interface, with only the features you really need, relying on the SynthFont2 synthesis engine. This is the first program on the market that can use the new proprietary SoundFont format “SFKR” (“SoundFont KompRessd”) designed and developed by SynthFont in collaboration with GoldMidiSF2. You can naturally also use standard SoundFonts in the traditional SF2 format, if you want.

Changes in MidiSoundSynth v1.0.4.0

  • The “New Play” button in “Create Audio File” changes to “Interrupt” to allow interrupting the process.
  • If a playlist has been edited but not saved, you’ll be notified when you switch to another playlist.
  • In the list of files in “File and Playlist”, the list header with the text “[X]” can be used to change the control status of all files.
  • In “Search” → “Found Files” files now have check boxes and there’s a button to add all selected files to the current playlist. There is a button to change control status for all files.
  • This version can now correctly identify and install new versions of purchased SFKR files.
  • Fixed some weird playlist bugs.
  • Fixed some other minor reported bugs.
  • Compiled with Google’s Skia graphic library, an open source library for drawing 2D text, geometry and images focused on high-quality, high-performance accurate rendering that provides common APIs that work on a variety of hardware and software platforms.

MidiSoundSynth is available for 64-bit Windows. You can try the program for free for 30 days, or purchase one of the SoundFonts (sfkr) to get an unlimited license of MidiSoundSynth.

More information: MidiSoundSynth