Mike Clarke has released INSIDIOUS 6581, a free Reaktor ensemble that features a near-perfect emulation of the extraordinary Commodore 64 sound chip, the MOS SID 6581.

Mike Clarke INSIDIOUS 6581

No attempt is made to create a ‘better’ SID. No features are enhanced or improved. This is not the usual ‘SID-like’ or ‘8-bit style’ synth. This is an attempt to recreate the real thing as closely as possible.

INSIDIOUS 6581 features

  • Three channels with Triangle, Square/PWM, Sawtooth, Noise and combined oscillators.
  • Ring modulation and hard sync.
  • The classic SID saturating filter that is incredibly important but missing on most emulations.
  • LFOs and envelopes for pulse width, pitch, amplitude and filter cutoff.
  • Step table at up to 50Hz.for that genuine sound.

The ensemble is a free download from the NI Reaktor User Library.

More information: INSIDIOUS 6581